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Apple Accounting

focuses on property investors.

It makes us different.

Our team has abundant experience and resources in taxation, property sales and investment home loans. This combination naturally leads us to focus on tax returns for property investors, as we know it inside out. By going through our rental property income and expenses checklist, we will make sure your entitlements to the deductions will not be missed out. We will give you advice on records keeping, cost saving, land tax issue and remind you of doing a home loan health check if you are paying home loan at a disadvantaged interest rate. If you have any tax questions on your investment properties, don’t worry, we will have them answered.


Focus on the property investors makes us different from other tax agents, but our service is never limited to that.

We are also excellent in providing the following services.

Tax Returns

ABN sole trader

Property investors

PAYG income earners




Business Activity Statements

We can lodge the BAS based

on the figures provided by you,

or if you need us to work out figures from your paperworks,

we are more than happy to take this mission.


We are flexible and mobile!

Bookkeeping remotely on cloud technology or in your office, it is your call. What's more, we can generate reports for you to show the business performance






Land tax

PAYG withholding tax

Business Advisory

Maybe you have question like my business is running great, but why there is not cash. Our experience can play a big role in helping you find answers to this question and similar ones. 

Accounting Software

If your bookkeeping is still on papers or Excel spreadsheet, or if you are not satisfied with your current accounting software, we can help you set up or transplant the accounting software. Trainig can be provided as well.

Single Touch Payroll

We can help your business be STP compliant. From employee profile set-up to payroll processing, from payroll software configuration to STP data transmission, we've got you covered.

Quality and Affordable

Apple Accounting is dedicating to providing quality and affordable services. Quality means short turnaround time, reachable, professional. Affordable stands for not-expensive. 


Be One of These Happy Customers

The attitude of going the extra mile makes Apple Accounting outstanding among the tax agents. They always give us valuable advice on tax saving and patiently ask for information on possible tax deductions. Their knowledge in property investment and home loan products is a bonus!

— Terry & Nicole, Property Investors